My holiday

One day, there are 2 people talking about their plan for next holiday named Helena and Cynthia.

Hasil gambar untuk jeju island

Helena : Hi cynthia ! you know what ? Holiday is coming in 4 months.
Cynthia : what ! seriously time has passed so quickly.
Helena : Ya. Do you have some plans ?
Cynthia : I don't know. i think i will stay at home through the holiday. What about you ?
Helena : My family and i are going to have a picnic in Jeju island. Want to join ?
Cynthia : I want to but i have to ask my mom first.
Helena : Sure, but you must to be quick, so we can buy tickets as soon as possible to get a cheap price.
Cynthia : By the way, where is jeju island ?
Helena : Jeju Island (Jeju-do) is the largest island in Korea and located to the south of the Korean Peninsula. Jeju Island is called Samdado, "Island Abundant with Three Things" rocks, women and wind. Because it has a unique natural beauty and culture.
Cynthia : wow ! what can we see in jeju island ?
Helena : there are many things that we can see such as Jeongbang waterfall, Halla mountain, Yeomiji Botanic Garden, and other tourist attraction.
Cynthia : when we are going there ? what about 10th december so the place will not be so crowded because it doesn't coincide on christmas day. 
Helena : Alright. Have you asked your mom?
Cynthia : No need to ask because the price of the ticket is cheap and the place looks beautiful.
Helena : Okay see you on 10th december at the airport. we are gonna go there together by plane.
Cynthia : BYE ! =)


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