Thanks for helping me, Mrs.

One of the most desperate thing i have ever been is happen when i was 8 years old.
This is what happened         In sunday afternoon, me and my mom were at Gramedia in Jakarta. My mom was searching for some cooking books and i'm busy looking for Barbie's book and Miiko comics. I didn't realize that i have gone far away from my mom. when i was walking down the stairs, i saw many doll and barbie in the lobby. It made me want to see it. 
       So i went to the lobby and choosing what doll that i'm gonna take it. After i took 1 big teddy bear, i wanted to show it to my mother BUT i didn't see my mother, what i saw is just people who are talking to each other, ordering some food, and people who work at gramedia. I'm really afraid in that situation, i didn't recognize anyone. I was standing like a lost girl and i started crying as i walked slowly to find my mom. 
        when i walked near the escaltor, i saw a woman standing there looking at me. I felt confused…

Dialogues with new friends

In the morning....
At school in lunch time. Someone is eating alone in the corner of the class.

Helena : Hi !! Why you're eating alone ? Don't you have a friend ???
Cynthia : Hmm....I don't know.  I think i can't make a friend in this class. Everyone already have some friends, so i feel isolated.
Helena : Oh my !! Don't worry, now you have one friend. It's Me !!! I will introduce you to all of my friends here.
Cynthia : Thankyou. I'm Cynthia. What's your name ?
Helena : I'm Helena. Nice to meet you. Let's be a good friend!
Cynthia : By the way, where are you from? I'm from Jakarta.
Helena : I'm from Medan.
Cynthia : WHAT !!! Are you bataknese?? you look like a foreigner.
Helena : Haha...really??  actually, my mother is half American and Indonesian.
Cynthia : Wow  !! i didn't expext that. Where do you live now ?
Helena : I live at Tongkeng Street no. 4, Bandung. How about you?
Cynthia : me ?? I live at Plered VI street no. 7, Bandung.…

It's all about me !!!

Hello ! My name is Helena Margareth Angelica S. My family called me Angel but all of my friends call me Helena. I'm 14 years old. I was born on 23th February 2003. I live at Tongkeng street no. 4.
I'm a student of 3 Senior High School. I'm in 10th grade. I'm still a junior in my school. Now, i would like to introduce all of my family members. My mother's name is Yunita Sirait and my father's name is Ivancius siagian. If you guys asking me, about sister or brother. I can't answer it because i'm the only child in my family. so sad right??? I have no one to play with. Oh ya !! I'm forgot to tell you my parent's job. My mom is a house wife and my dad is a soldier. For a while, he lived in Magelang because of his duty. My mom sometimes also go there to control some activities cause my dad is also a director of a division.If you are curious about myself, now im gonna tell you. My best friend told me that i'm a childish person but when i'm in a…