It's all about me !!!

Hello ! My name is Helena Margareth Angelica S. My family called me Angel but all of my friends call me Helena. I'm 14 years old. I was born on 23th February 2003. I live at Tongkeng street no. 4.
I'm a student of 3 Senior High School. I'm in 10th grade. I'm still a junior in my school.

Now, i would like to introduce all of my family members. My mother's name is Yunita Sirait and my father's name is Ivancius siagian. If you guys asking me, about sister or brother. I can't answer it because i'm the only child in my family. so sad right??? I have no one to play with. Oh ya !! I'm forgot to tell you my parent's job. My mom is a house wife and my dad is a soldier. For a while, he lived in Magelang because of his duty. My mom sometimes also go there to control some activities cause my dad is also a director of a division.

If you are curious about myself, now im gonna tell you. My best friend told me that i'm a childish person but when i'm in a really hard situation, i can be serious too. i'm a person that really have energic when im with all my friend, i can be a crazy person hahaha. that's makes me and my friend getting closer.

My hobbies are Singing and playing piano because playing piano can makes our brain balanced and i really like singing when im in the bathroom. I like to watch Movies that is like animation or drama musical and my favourite channel is Disney junior. And my favourite drama is Korean drama. its really touched me. I'm also enjoy reading abook like comic or novel but the plot must be fun. My favourite sport are swimming and cycling, but i also like badminton.

I have many bad habit such as when im reading some school book that has long paragraph or sentence, i will get sleepy and another my bad habit is i really like keep postponing my assignment and i'm just study when i have a homework or exam. I really want to change my bad habit. All i need are  motivation and support from my family, friends and people around me.

Thankyou Guyssss fo reading my story. This is all about me hopefully it can be usefull for all of you.
Byeeee !!! :)


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