Dialogues with new friends

In the morning....
At school in lunch time. Someone is eating alone in the corner of the class.

Helena : Hi !! Why you're eating alone ? Don't you have a friend ???
Cynthia : Hmm....I don't know.  I think i can't make a friend in this class. Everyone already have some friends, so i feel isolated.
Helena : Oh my !! Don't worry, now you have one friend. It's Me !!! I will introduce you to all of my friends here.
Cynthia : Thankyou. I'm Cynthia. What's your name ?
Helena : I'm Helena. Nice to meet you. Let's be a good friend!
Cynthia : By the way, where are you from? I'm from Jakarta.
Helena : I'm from Medan.
Cynthia : WHAT !!! Are you bataknese?? you look like a foreigner.
Helena : Haha...really??  actually, my mother is half American and Indonesian.
Cynthia : Wow  !! i didn't expext that. Where do you live now ?
Helena : I live at Tongkeng Street no. 4, Bandung. How about you?
Cynthia : me ?? I live at Plered VI street no. 7, Bandung. Want to come to my house?
Helena : Sure! why not? Maybe after school. Do u have a swimming pool in your house ?
Cynthia : Ya, why you are asking?? Do you like swimming ?
Helena : Ya!! Swimming it's my favourite. I have won the swimming competition. I have so many trophies at my house. Want to see?? It's made from Gold.
Cynthia :  Are you serious? You are so talented. What university do you want ?
Helena : I really want to go to UNPAD Medical School.
Cynthia : i don't interest to go there. I'd prefer ITB than UNPAD. I want to go to architecture.
( Bell ringing)
Helena : The bell is ringing. time to go back  to the class. BYE !
Cynthia : BYE !


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